Age is Required!

AUC is Required!

SCr is Required!

Height is Required!

Weight is Required!

GOG Specs

  • CrCl is capped at 125mL/min
  • SCr defaults to 0.7 IF it is lower than 0.7
  • Adjusted body weight will be used for BMI ≥ 25
  • BMI :
  • CrCl: ML/MIN
  • Adjusted Body Weight Used : ()
    Actual Body Weight Used: ()

NOTE: As of October 8, 2010, the U.S. FDA is recommending a cap of 125 ml/min for the creatinine clearance (regardless of whether it is calculated or measured) in carboplatin dosing

Formulas Used (Calculator will preform the necessary conversions):

  • Calculation for carboplatin dose (Calvert Equation):
    • Dose (mg) = Target AUC [(GFR +25)]
  • Ideal Body Weight:
    • 45.5 + [2.3 x (number of inches over 5ft tall)] for females
    • 50 + [2.3 x (number of inches over 5ft tall)] for males
  • Adjusted Body Weight:
    • ((Actual Body Weight - Ideal Body Weight) x 0.40) + Ideal Body Weight
  • BMI
    • Actual Body Weight (kg)/ Height(m)²
    • If BMI <25, use actual body weight in calculation
    • If BMI is ≥25, then use adjusted body weight for calculation
  • Modified Cockcroft-Gault
    • [(140-Age) x (Actual Body Weight)]/ (72 x SCr)
    • Multiply by 0.85 if female
    • The CrCl (GFR) will be capped at 125mL/min in the equation
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